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Glad you stopped by. My name is Craig and I am a Graphic Designer born and raised in Omaha, Nebraska. Other than my love of creative design with thought provoking meaning behind it, allow me to tell you a little about myself that you may not have known :

  • One of the highest honors in my life is receiving the Eagle Scout Award in the Boy Scouts of America Program.

  • I love photography - It is my hobby, especially nature and landscape photography.

  • I have a love for meteorology and weather and have actually seen several tornado's while storm chasing with friends across the Great Plains (at a safe distance).

  • The Great Outdoors - I love anything outdoors related and camping - it is relaxing and calming and gives me my greatest inspiration while searching for creative ideas in my mind for design projects.

Now that you know a little about myself - let's discuss who I am creatively. For the last couple of years I have spear headed creative design projects for the Boy Scouts of America Mid-America Council. I have created anywhere from logos / branding to posters, fliers, annual reports, booklets and many other print design materials. 

I have also had a rare opportunity most Graphic Designers have not had - creating Nebraska Furniture Mart newspaper advertisements. I did so for a short time at Iridian Group, a marketing company in west Omaha.

Another job I am proud to have worked for, Advertising Coordinator at 7 Day Furniture. At 7 Day Furniture I created and designed graphics for the various billboard advertisements across Omaha and Lincoln as well as graphics for the website, social media and for the digital sign marquee in the front of the store. I was also in charge of all social media including facebook, twitter, google+ and craigslist. I created the new advertisement every week and sent it out to KFAB to create a voice over and a marketing company with the script so they may work together to create the new weekly television advertisement. Last but certainly not least - I was in charge of updating and maintaining the product of the website and photo inventory of the products being sold as well.

One of my main strengths in graphic design is anything print design related. From sketching to the computer of ideas I can create anything from a full branding package with a logo, business cards, letter head to fliers, posters, illustrations, booklets, trifolds, annual reports you name it I can create anything.

If you would like to extend an offer to me for a full time, part time, freelance or contract job feel free to contact me on the 'Contact' page or give me a ring at 402-672-0867. You may view my resume below and a sample of my portfolio on my 'Portfolio' page.


Craig McPeck's Resume


Please contact me if you would like to get in touch with my references.

Katie Godbout  Associate Marketing  Director - Professional Research Consultants
Lisa Russell  Director of Support Service - BSA Mid America Council
Mike Schinker  President - Image Group